Overview of Program Options

At ITE, we have a fixed, nine-month curriculum. Within this curriculum, there are three study options for students to consider.

Bible Certificate

This track offers 30 credits of foundational Bible teaching. Students will learn Bible study methods, historical background, and be equipped with skills to grow in their faith. Apply here.

Youth Ministry Certificate

With this option, students will complete the 30 credits included in the Bible Track. They will also take an additional six credits in Youth Ministry Tactics 1 & 2. Students will learn skills both in and out of the classroom, including public speaking, advanced counseling for teens, and philosophy of youth ministry.  Apply here.

Individual classes

Most students take classes full time. However, some students, including some high school juniors and seniors, elect to take one or two classes each semester. These classes are scheduled on a rotating basis so that students can complete them one at a time by tacking classes only one day each week. Apply here.